Sold Moms home

We had an objective of selling my mother’s house in Upper Darby. The house had been vacant for a number of months our goal was to sell the house at a fair price. We interviewed a number of realtors and felt comfortable with Lisa and Louise. We explained our situation and time frame. The approach that they recommended we felt was the best approach. The first step was to showcase the house properly, we made some minor changes to allow the best showing. The next step was the most crucial, they arranged a luncheon at the house with local realtors. This created the attention that was needed with the diversity of realtors in the area. Our goal was to generate the most exposure resulting in a reasonable offer. Within a short period of time we had a host of people making reservations to tour the house. Shortly thereafter we had a reasonable offer. We negotiated a fair price and had a quick closing. The entire process was smooth and efficient.

— Joe Montesano